Relax, Rethink, Respond – The Trifecta


I think it’s pretty fair to say that the question, what’s the secret to success, has inspired more blogs and books then we could possibly imagine, and for good reason, especially in the new millennium. But here’s what immediately comes to mind for me.

As I see it, people want viable alternatives – not the all elusive secret!

That being said, here’s what I see as inescapable in terms of creating some type of meaningful change.

The undeniable starting point (and solution) to any kind of positive forward momentum rests in your ability to change your present thinking!

Wow…no kidding Jake! Tell me something I don’t know!

I have no problem taking a hit for what might be seen as the almost obnoxious simplicity of that statement. But the reality is; it’s one thing to understand it, and another to actually implement it. Changing your thinking will be one of the most arduous tasks you’ll face. If it wasn’t, we’d all be slim, healthy, non-smokers, drug-free, and reveling in our job status. But statistics continually show us that’s a far cry from any kind of truth. So here is an alternative to this all too human quandary.


Mental Contrasting: Put an equal effort into focusing on the challenges of your goal rather than strictly focusing on the benefits.

Inferential: Keep a close observation on what you’re actually observing as opposed to what is in essence, inferred. The difference can be eye-opening.

Circumscribed Experience: John Locke gave us this term. This is where you follow reason, but only one kind of reason. You converse with the same people, read the same blog-sites or books, and fail to investigate that which falls under different parameters.

Mental Irony: Learning to care about how you think needs to be balanced with learning how to not care about what others think.

Financing: If you’re unable to come up with the funds to invest in some sort of step you’d like to take to enhance your present position, take a serious look at your strengths and devise a way to barter for what you need…get creative!

Psychological Maturity: Author Nathaniel Branden reminds us that this type of maturity is one’s ability to think in terms of principles, rather than emotions which have the power to completely disrupt our reasoning.

Conventional Thinking: A reminder that this term all too many times blocks out non-logical and more creative forms of thinking, an extremely recommended requirement for success in the 21st Century.

Polarization: Rather than hiding, amass the courage to “have an opinion” or “take a position” in your thinking endeavors. Just remember, we all have the option and ability at any time to self-correct.

Law of Diversity: Without fail, one who is diverse in his or her overall knowledge is a magnet for respect and will always tend to command a room or an audience. As Seth Godin puts it: “You’re either remarkable, or invisible.”

Strength vs. Weakness: Learn to drop your ego and ask people what they see as your weaknesses rather than the acknowledgment of your strengths.

Emulation: We are all a veritable mass of envy on all too many occasions. Strive to turn that envy into emulation as quickly as possible. Then there is a potential reward rather than an endless stream of jealousy bordering on resentment.

Enthusiasm: This is a great starting point. But that’s all it is – a starting point. Without being followed by some type of action it’s just a trip down Wishing & Hoping Boulevard!

Intellectual Courage: Have the boldness and the tenacity to challenge beliefs, or, remain as part of the herd.

Intellectual Paradox: You can still remain unreflective in your thinking irrelevant of how educated you are.

Relaxing, and then rethinking your position such as the above suggests (as well as your own revelations) will absolutely heighten your awareness to the possibility of new alternatives. All that’s needed at that point is part three of the Trifecta – a response. Although I’m sure many of you have already heard this quote, and I’ve certainly used it before, I’m compelled to offer it up once again – the man kind of nails it.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

–Albert Einstein

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