An Internal Excursion

Here’s the story…

It’s been said that experience is a form of exploration. I’ve been exploring how we think and what makes us tick since what I humorously call my first success book, Be Here Now, which goes way back.

Overtime, my literary list grew to the likes of Carl Jung,William James, Fritz Perls, Alfred Alder, and Howard Gardner to name just a few. I was slowly but methodically becoming an arm-chair psychologist without realizing it.

Meanwhile I was entertaining a life in the Arts (not for the faint of heart). That journey held my attention for decades, but I finally started to look into the “business” aspect of life a lot more seriously, as I watched the “business” of music turn into something that looked as if it was written for The Simpsons.

This put a twist to my literary list, and I dug in deep studying the philosophies of business icons such as Napoleon Hill, Peter Drucker, and Seth Godin. Here’s where this is all leading.


By observing what was happening in my life combined with my tumultuous appetite for understanding the human condition, a transition was in the making. What became more than apparent as I navigated my life/work transition (to writer and author) was the surprising amount of people from every conceivable age bracket who were also desperate to make a transition of their own. The statistics for those that were (and are) unhappy with their work status was overwhelming, which I thought was fascinating with the exorbitant amount of self-help books out there. Something was seriously missing.

What became a more than logical next step for me was committing to becoming a coach, an Alternatives Coach as I’ve labeled it, helping people to navigate their own transitions, and here’s why.

After 30 years of being a private instructor, being one on one and helping someone get to the next level was already part of my persona, and it was time to put my more recent literary knowledge to work and solve that “what’s missing” mystery. Beyond that, my own transition of where to go with my life was a veritable walk in the park to conceive. Like anything, there’s a lot of work involved to make things happen, but envisioning, creating, and implementing my next step, a step I could make continuing to be true to who I was and keeping my integrity in tact was almost effortless, contrary to what I’ve observed from others struggling to revamp their work-life.


I’ve spent the last three years putting programs together as a coach helping those looking to make a change in their work-life after a serious assessment of why it came so easily to me. I’ve dealt with artists, entrepreneurs, students, the unemployed, and those in the business world, at all levels, with the focus being on self-discovery, learning to “think alternatively,” and transition.

If you’d like to discuss the difficulties of achievement, barriers you can’t seem to overcome in your work-life, how to develop and implement a strategy to create a life more of design than default, or the mystery of what the hell gets millions of people to watch certain music videos (much to my surprise) on YouTube (my life in the Arts is still active), it would be my pleasure to help you through those challenges, which I’m sure my blogs, stories, and available no-cost material (found in the Home and For Those in the Arts sections) will set in motion.


Be the change!