Alternatives Coaching

The heart of coaching is taking individuals where they can’t take themselves

“As contemporary history reminds us, we are human to the extent that we are able to choose between alternatives.” 
–John Clark


Life is complicated…and so becomes your relationship with it. But there are steps you can take to get off the damn merry-go-round and start living.

Being in the Arts for years before becoming an author and a coach was a massive lesson in human interaction, with all its failings and accomplishments. The stories are endless, and quite often pretty entertaining. But the heart of the matter (which Nichke reminded us) is that life is a process of continually re-orientating ourselves in the midst of almost total uncertainty, and I’ll spare you from a myriad of personal (and musical) experiences that gives total credence to that statement.

This journey I chose also enlightened me to yet another undeniable truth; it’s not the circumstances around you that create your reality – it’s how you respond to those circumstances that paints the picture of a successful or not so successful story. Whether you’re hip to that aphorism or not, I’ve found it to be nothing less than inescapable.

I most assuredly sought out help over the years from those who seemingly “just knew something” that I was obviously oblivious to, and found out that teachers can wear many hats. Quite honestly, we all have something to offer, but the yang to that yin is we all need a dose of expertise as well from those who have walked the walk in certain areas…clarity is priceless. After years of being a private instructor which morphed into becoming a coach and a counselor, I became clear that everything basically leads to one question.


What’s missing?

This simple question is not only the quintessential question in terms of appropriating a life worth living, but it also weaves through the fabric of every process we encounter and strive to implement to arrive at that destination. Here are some “all too familiar” questions that eventually arise for every one of us.

  • What’s missing personally in my life that seems to obstruct the progress I’m looking to achieve?
  • What’s missing professionally in my life that gives me this sense of lack-of-purpose?
  • What’s missing emotionally in my life that tends to inhibit creating positive momentum?
  • What’s missing ascetically in my life that tends to hinder any sort of self-discipline?
  • What’s missing scholastically in my life that keeps me feeling intimidated in certain circles?
  • What’s missing cognizantly in my life that makes decisions so difficult to organize and implement?
  • What’s missing culturally in my life that stops me from benefitting from the artistic achievements of the people that surround me in my community, both in a business and personal environment?
  • What’s missing philosophically in my life that keeps me on the same age-old treadmill of conformity that’s so easy to see, “historically” speaking?

If I may be so bold; what’s missing in your life is your ability to think alternatively. Let me fall to the inimitable Mr. Einstein who puts this premise totally into perspective.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

I’m always hesitant to allude to something being “the answer” you’re looking for. Skepticism in my opinion (especially in these times) is a healthy part of anyone’s persona.

But if you’re unable to challenge your thinking, to learn to think alternatively, the odds of attaining the “change” you’re looking for seriously diminishes. Why? Every action you take, literally every action, is preceded by a thought impulse – another inescapable truth. The trick is to become the reigning world champion chess player “of your life.” Why?To be a winner at anything, you have to think before you move. My job is to get you to that “world class” status.


So here’s how this works…

1) The structure of our interaction as coach and client is based on a combination of counseling as well as coaching. Counseling, which is more process driven, centers on my understanding of the personal side of you as an individual, the why’s of how’s of your thinking process as related to your past experiences.

2) This sets the stage for “coaching” you which is a more solution driven approach, pulling from the various training modalities I’ve become skilled at. The focus is not creating a specialized approach, but an “individualized” approach to help maximize your unique potential – fancy lingo for reminding you (as well as myself) how different we all are which constitutes creating multiple solutions on a regular basis.

Where my strength lies is offering a synthesis of insights into conquering your personal challenges, looking at solutions derived from the elements of behavioral psychology, mindfulness (a state of active, open attention to the present), cognitive and philosophical awareness, business and entrepreneurial development, and engaging the art of creativity and improvisation into your soon to be found or newly conceived life/work structure.


The Details…

There are two programs available. Each one starts with a free consultation to allow each of us to consider our level of comfort working together and the likelihood of a successful outcome. As much as humanly possible within that time frame, we’ll see if a level of trust can been established.

The Accelerated Alternatives Program is for those ready to meet their challenges head on in terms of a full on commitment of time and effort to create the change they’re looking for, irrelevant of current circumstances.

1) Those desiring maximum change in a realistic minimum time frame that feel they are in a position to push the envelope will benefit most from this training.

2) We will accomplish this together with four one hour sessions per month over Skype or phone.

3) I will provide a work structure each week to keep accountability and forward momentum in active mode. You’ll leave every session with a tangible next step to accomplish.

4) The work will center on what I see as the only viable path to realistically create a work-life change for you, discovering and enriching your value to the marketplace, whatever marketplace that may be.

If we both agree to move forward, the cost is $397.00 per month.

With acknowledgment to the hard-working hopefuls who many times are unfortunately a bit more time-oriented or financially strapped (and I’ve been there), I offer the Activating Alternatives Program.

The heart of the Accelerated program remains in tact, and simply falls into a shorter and more challenging time structure. The session will be a half-hour a week. I’ve been around the block, and understand there are many of you out there at present who are seriously challenged with your circumstances, and you deserve an alternative.

The Activating Alternatives Program is $197.00 per month.


Two Points of Variation to Consider in your Decision to Move Forward

1) As opposed to many others out there, I do not set a minimum amount of months required when signing up for either program. I believe that if I’m doing my job, and you’re seeing results, our time together will simply run its natural course, whatever that may be.

2) In the thrust for efficiently maximizing your time and effort, and once again not typically offered, I open up continuous email communication between sessions. The sometimes needed discussion about assignments and exercises rendered in an effort to solidify the integration of what those sessions were designed to accomplish, is available to you.

“In the moment” questions and revelations and the inimitable debate of their legitimacy that follows with these unforeseen insights need to be addressed. Not offering an in-time response to those moments to you as my client when your light-blub goes off reeks of counter-productivity…not my style!


Contact me at [email protected] to set up your free consultation, or with any questions you may have.


 I look forward to our potential relationship.