The Artist’s Journey

Never doubt the legitimacy and importance of what you do.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that our role stands firm in the world’s cultural and sociological development in this very young millennium, contrary to how it feels for so many of you out there on the path less traveled.

As vibrant as the Arts are in our society, infusing with almost any individuals life in one way or another over time, expressions like “what’s your real job” and “what’s an artist without a spouse – homeless” still seem to be part of the overall collective consciousness. What a shame for those that can’t begin to fathom the relevancy of what the artist does, and an even greater travesty if the artists themselves can’t see the meaninglessness of statements such as these.

I ask that you stand firm in your quest and realize the individuality you represent. The desire for artistic and creative expression demands that you strive to exhibit your unique talents that differentiate you from the masses. It’s a gift that should not be taken lightly.

I also ask that you consider the timely relevance of this quote from Scott Belsky, author of the book, Making Ideas Happen.

“A shocking and perhaps unfortunate realization emerges: someone with average creativity but stellar organizational skills will make a greater impact than the disorganized creative geniuses among us.”

My response to this declaration is at the heart of the motivation behind creating this site.

Strive to balance your passion with some practicality.


Succeeding, which is my fondest wish for every artist, is merely nothing more than taking the same creativity that drives your Art and applying it to the business of your Art. This is the practicality I’m referring to. Will it be challenging? Absolutely! But no more challenging than the toils of creating a great composition, an inspired piece of art, or understanding the intricacies of modern choreology. Above all, keep this in mind.


Creative people don’t just have jobs – they create them!

If you’re an artist and have signed up for this site and joined the community, shoot me an email at [email protected] and let me know, and I’ll send you a free copy of my book An Artistic Guide to Economic Survival. (If you haven’t joined, just hit the home page)




“This book gives any artist the inspiration, motivation, and the tools to live the dream, while flourishing in a sometimes adverse reality. Jake Kot, to no one’s surprise, moves off the root of the obvious and finds those grace notes often missed in the dogged pursuit of getting ahead. A perfect read to help read yourself.”

Bob Considine – MSNBC

An Artistic Guide to Economic Survival is a masterpiece, not just because it is well written, but also because Jake Kot offers his no-nonsense advice in a way anyone can learn from. Jake is one of the few people out there I listen to because his opinions and thoughts are based on real life experience and never clouded with hype or fluff. If you are an artist – scratch that – if you are anyone who wants to discover real guerrilla tactics to survive, you must read this book.”

Barry Plaskow – Success Bug

This book is my gift to you in hopes of helping your journey as an artist to be successful in terms of fulfillment and longevity.