Following your passion vs. the power of opinion


The magnitude of the power of opinion, even to those who we would consider to be at the top of their game in whatever they’re pursuing is almost beyond words. It’s nothing less than human nature to question ourselves which is inevitably gaming followed by the search and rescue plan of procuring other opinions, not to mention the unsolicited opinionating that will follow as well.

My question is; where do we draw the line?

Fantasy scenario: You’ve come up with a plan on where to go with your life, a decision to follow your passion. You’re given the opportunity to solicit the opinions of three people as far as your vision for yourself is concerned.

Those three people are Bill Gates, the Dalai Lama, and Kim Ung-Yong (who sports the highest IQ in the world).

Think about this! To wit: How much would their opinions affect your decision making process? How powerful LoL might the insight’s you would acquire in terms of personal perspective be? If you had the smarts to synthesize the core meaning of their thoughts and opinions, what might you then arrive at? Is not learning from others one of the cornerstones of personal growth, especially with a trio such as this?

These are all extremely relevant questions that deserve answers, answers I’ve struggled with myself as I continue to research for my new book. But if I may be so bold, here are the questions I’ve learned to ask and consider to be the most relevant in terms of the best outcome for the individual in this particular scenario. Questions like these are typically overlooked and probably rarely asked.

  • Were “your” thoughts an intricate part of this meeting of the minds – and if not, why not?
  • How easy was it for you to almost drop your own opinion in the presence of these icons, and what are your thoughts on that?
  • Is it at all possible in your eyes that your opinion could end up being the wisest path to follow – and if not, why not?

Bottom line, in your eyes, would you and your opinion still matter in this fantasy scenario?

These are the type of questions that will truly get you thinking differently in terms of your own vision, your life goals, and creating a direction for yourself beyond the remarks of the wisest of the wise.

To be clear – I’m not at all suggesting to more or less ignore those opinions. Gaining new perspectives online gaming is vital. But not at the cost of completely sublimating “your own” vision. It’s important to keep in the mix.

The information age fueled by the internet opened us up to a vast amount of opinionating, and this dynamic of how to “react” to opinions, psychologically speaking, is the brass ring in terms of decision making, ergo, something you league of legends seriously need to put some thought into. Here’s something I don’t question.

If you find yourself easily swayed by other intellects, you’ll tend to have little to no will power of your own as far as opinionating and making decisions is concerned.

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This is where we need to begin to draw the line.

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